3 Food Pairings That Showcase The Versatility Of Argentinian Malbec Wine


Argentinian Malbec wine is the perfect table wine — with fewer tannins than French red wine and its strong fruit notes, it pairs well with a wide variety of food. It pairs best with food that complements the fruit and spice notes of the wine, making it an excellent pairing fruit-glazed lean meat or spicy curries. This allows you to serve healthier fare at a dinner party instead of relying on red meat to cut the harsh tannins of other red wines.

28 April 2018

A Beginner's Guide To Adding Cheese To Bread


If you would like to give your party something that they are almost guaranteed to fall in love with, why not bake some cheese into a loaf of bread. Tearing off a piece of a cheesy loaf will make the whole experience much more savory. The bread can be used as an appetizer or a side dish. It pairs very well with a bowl of soup. The bread can be placed in the center of the table with everyone tearing a piece whenever they so desire.

11 May 2017

A National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day? Yes, It's A Thing


Did you know that pastrami has its own special day? Yup. January 14 is National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day. While you might be surprised to learn a sandwich meat would be deserving of a special day, to its fans, pastrami is definitely worthy of this type of star treatment. But what exactly is pastrami? Is it beef? Is it pork? Many people have no clue exactly what this deli meat really is.

20 April 2016