Fall Festivals: Ideal Portable Grill Options To Make Things Go Smoothly

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As the summer dwindles and the leaves change, festivals start to take place all around the United States. From large fairs to small musical concerts, these events are ideal times for the last weeks of grilling and cooking outdoors before the winter weather moves in. Whether you have your own festival tent or are tailgating in the parking lot, it's ideal to travel with a portable grill that's easy to pack and cook a variety of foods on, such as one from a place like Fire Disc Grills. As you shop for portable grills, there are key features that cater directly to festival grilling. By finding a grill with a majority of these features, you can make it lot easier to travel and cook at these events.

Fold-up Cart & Wheels

When packing for a festival, you do not want a large grill taking up most of the space. The key to the best portable grill is the ability to fold it up and easily store in your vehicle. As you shop for the portable grill, it's important to look at the cart and frame that the grill is positioned on. One of the main features that you want to look for is a cart that has wheels on it. Being able to roll your grill through certain areas will make it a lot easier to travel through festival terrain. Gravel roads, dirt roads, and sandy areas are a lot easier to traverse over with bulky wheels that can be rolled. During the autumn season there are also a lot of leaves and debris on the ground. The wheels will make it a lot easier to get over these obstacles as you move through the festival and set up your grilling area.

Propane Canisters

Portable gas grills typically use small one pound propane canisters to provide heat for cooking. Choosing a gas grill over a charcoal grill has several advantages for festival visitors. The transportation of the grill is made a lot easier when you only have to carry a small canister with it. The other option would be to lug a large bag of charcoal along with the grill. Disposing of the charcoal can also be a problem. If the charcoal is still hot, you need to wait for it to properly cool before placing it in any type of trash bin. With a propane canister, you can simply pack up the grill and head out.

Lid Locks

Fall days are known for their random gusts of wind and unpredictable weather. When using a portable grill, a fast gust of wind can easily knock a grill over. Instead of losing your hot dogs to a pile of leaves, you have the option of purchasing a portable grill with a lid lock on the top. As food is cooking, you can lock the lid down so that items do not fly off. Not only does the lid lock help while cooking, but it also makes transportation of the grill a lot easier. The lid will not dangle or swing as the grill is carried in multiple directions or positions.

Side Tables

While attending fall festivals, you may be limited on the amount of table space that you have access to. This can make it hard to organize foods, spices, and grilling tools. You can have a little bit of cooking space made available by purchasing a portable grill that has side tables built into it. Some grills feature a side table on one side while the other has side tables on both sides. This makes it a lot easier for meal planning, organization, and serving. Some of the side tables may even have small hook ideal for hanging grill tools.

Browse through all of the features on the best portable grills to see how the various options can cater to your fall festival needs.


27 September 2016

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