6 Issues To Discuss With A Caterer

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If you're going to pay for catering services, you'll want things to go as well as possible. Customers can usually iron out these concerns early in the process, though. Discuss these six issues with a caterer to ensure that your function will go well.

Dietary Requirements

No one wants to be caught off guard by a menu that creates problems. Some of your guests might have allergies, for example. Likewise, they may have lifestyle choices that necessitate certain accommodations, such as eating vegan. Also, there may be religious reasons for not eating certain foods.

Ideally, you should ask guests about their specific dietary requirements. You can then relay these to the catering company so they can customize the menu accordingly.


If you're going to need servers, it's a good idea to discuss the size of your expected group early in the process. Likewise, the composition of the catering team matters. If you want to have a bar, for example, then the catering services provider needs to know so they can add a bartender to the staff.

Scheduling and Sequencing

Many events have to follow particular schedules. You will want the food ready to go at a time when it is most appetizing, so make sure you can tell the catering firm when that's likely to be. If you're holding a function where there might be speeches before dinner, then try to figure out the timing within reason.

Also, meals with several courses may need to proceed in a certain sequence. Let the caterer know what that sequence is. You will want to be especially clear about the sequencing of any big ceremonial moments, such as cutting a cake.

Serving Style

Different serving styles have distinct implications. There is a big difference between a buffet and a banquet, for example. Some folks like to have servers mingling among the crowd with hors d'oeuvres. Clarify what the preferred serving style will be.


You might not be entirely confident about the menu items until you taste them. Ask the catering business to schedule a tasting session so you can see which meals inspire you the most.

Rental Items

Many people rely on catering firms to supply rental items like tables, tablecloths, plates, serving trays, carts, and chairs. Assess what you're going to need so the caterers don't have to bring more than will be necessary. If you're holding an event at a banquet hall, you might only need the plates, trays, and carts, for example.

For more information about catering services, contact a local company.


13 February 2023

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