6 Issues To Discuss With A Caterer

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If you're going to pay for catering services, you'll want things to go as well as possible. Customers can usually iron out these concerns early in the process, though. Discuss these six issues with a caterer to ensure that your function will go well. Dietary Requirements No one wants to be caught off guard by a menu that creates problems. Some of your guests might have allergies, for example. Likewise, they may have lifestyle choices that necessitate certain accommodations, such as eating vegan.

13 February 2023

Great Advice For Choosing Quality Coffee Beans

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If you enjoy drinking coffee, you have so many coffee bean varieties and brands to select from. However, you can make things a lot simpler when purchasing said beans if you follow these rules. Consider the Whole Bean Variety When you buy coffee, you can either get beans that are completely whole or beans that have been ground up already. You should consider the former option because it's going to ultimately give you a fresher taste at the end of the day.

6 July 2022

3 Benefits of Using an Olive Wood Bowl

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If you enjoy buying new serving dishes to use in your home, particularly when you're entertaining guests for meals, you may wish to consider buying one or more olive wood bowls. You'll find these bowls from many different online and in-person kitchenware vendors, and one thing that you'll quickly notice when you browse a selection of these products is how they're available in many shapes and sizes. If you don't have experience with this type of bowl, you may wish to buy one so that you can enjoy the numerous benefits that it offers.

7 February 2022

4 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Pellet Grill

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A pellet grill is a versatile grill that allows you to cook food at both low and high temperatures using a combination of both convection and radiant heat. With a pellet grill, you can burn wood pellets, which will add more flavor and smoke to your food. There are a few things you need to understand to get the best experience from your unit. 1. Use High-Quality Pellets The type of pellet that you use to cook with matters.

28 September 2021

When K Cups Work Really Well

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Keurig-style coffee makers are convenient, but sometimes they get a bit of bad press for only brewing one cup at a time. If you and your whole family drink coffee every morning, it may, in fact, be more eco-friendly and convenient for you to use a coffee maker that brews a whole pot. But this does not mean k-cup coffee makers don't also have a purpose. There are a few situations in which their ability to brew one cup at a time really does come in handy.

26 May 2021

The Top Reasons YOU Need A Natural Gas Grill

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There are grills and then there are grills, and a natural gas barbecue is the latter. Natural gas barbeque grills can come as a stand-alone unit, though a popular style these days is to have a venting outdoor island with a gas barbecue grill installed. If you are trying to decide between the two styles, here are a few reasons why a gas barbecue installation may be the way to go.

28 September 2020

Barbecue Restaurants And Your Next Special Event

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Do you have a wedding, graduation, birthday, family reunion, or other special event in the works? If you're in the midst of menu planning, take a look at what you need to know about barbecue restaurants and your eating options. Should You Plan the Event at the BBQ Restaurant or Choose Catering? There's no universal answer to this question. To get a better picture of which option (dine-in or catering) is best for you and your event, consider:

25 March 2020

3 Essential Questions To Ask When Hiring Wedding Caterers

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Are you currently making plans to get married in the next year? Have you been trying to decide what to feed your guests for the reception? For some couples, the reception is a bit of an afterthought now that the main event is over. For other couples, the reception is the main event with the actual wedding part simply being the excuse to have a party. Regardless of your exact views, it is still important to ensure that your guests enjoy the reception and have a good time.

26 November 2019

Two Tips To Help You Get The Best Deal On Single Coffee Cups

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The ability to brew a single cup of coffee, like a Keurig K Cup, as opposed to an entire pot can be a lifesaver. However, that convenience often comes at a steep price. That delicious cup of fresh joe may feel good as you drink it, but as the cost starts to increase you might be feeling the hit in your pockets. However, there are things you can do to enjoy that same mug of coffee at a rate that is easier on your wallet.

6 October 2017

Planning A Luau For Backyard Fun: What To Expect From A Catering Service

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A luau is a great way to celebrate a great sunny day with excellent food, wonderful music, and fun decor that everyone can enjoy. Hiring a catering service to make this special event truly memorable can save you the stress of decorating and preparing food yourself. Here is what you can expect from your catering company when planning your backyard luau to entertain your family and friends. Specialty foods

13 March 2017