When K Cups Work Really Well

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Keurig-style coffee makers are convenient, but sometimes they get a bit of bad press for only brewing one cup at a time. If you and your whole family drink coffee every morning, it may, in fact, be more eco-friendly and convenient for you to use a coffee maker that brews a whole pot. But this does not mean k-cup coffee makers don't also have a purpose. There are a few situations in which their ability to brew one cup at a time really does come in handy.

1. For people who live alone

If you live alone, taking the time to brew a pot of coffee just for yourself might seem unnecessary. You have to measure the coffee, wait for the brewer to heat up, and then wash the pot and throw away the filter every day. It's a lot of work. Plus, unless you drink a lot of coffee, some of it will probably go stale by the time you get to it. With a k-cup brewer, there is no pot to clean. There's also no messy coffee filter to lift out of the pot and take to the trash. Each pod is individually sealed, so they last longer without going stale. You can buy enough for a few months, and your last cups will be as fresh as your first.

2. For office break rooms

In the office break room, someone always makes a pot of coffee, and then most of it sits until it is scorched and stale. Then, someone has to make another pot of coffee. A lot goes to waste. Plus, the filters tend to make a mess that nobody wants to clean up, and people argue over who is responsible for cleaning the coffee pot. A k-cup brewer eliminates this problem. There's no cleanup and no extra coffee. This minimizes office conflicts and helps keep the break room clean.

3. For families where everyone has very different coffee preferences

Maybe you're in a family where one person has to have light roast coffee, and someone else won't drink anything other than dark roast. These people cannot easily share a pot of coffee, but a k-cup brewer will allow them both to have their preferred coffee each morning. The more preferences there are in your family, the more you need a k-cup brewer. There are also variety packs of k cups that work really well in families like this.

K-cup brewers are not perfect for every situation, but there are some situations in which they work very well.


26 May 2021

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