Planning A Luau For Backyard Fun: What To Expect From A Catering Service

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A luau is a great way to celebrate a great sunny day with excellent food, wonderful music, and fun decor that everyone can enjoy. Hiring a catering service to make this special event truly memorable can save you the stress of decorating and preparing food yourself. Here is what you can expect from your catering company when planning your backyard luau to entertain your family and friends.

Specialty foods

A luau just isn't complete without a whole pig cooked underground in traditional Hawaiian style (you can dig a pit in your yard for the caterer to use). Your caterer will also make sure you have excellent sides, such as sweet potato dishes, succulent potato salads, and foods you may have never even heard before, such as poke, squid luau, or even pipi kaula. Hawaii is well known for its love of a certain canned beef as well, so expect sandwiches, salads, and other items to include this American dish.

Tables, chairs, and accessories

A luau is just not complete without a fire pit, tiki poles, lanterns, and coconut centerpieces. Your caterer can provide these items for you, or get them for you to keep if you are willing to pay for them yourself. They will also include the tables and chairs that you need, as well as all the dishware and silverware so you don't have to lift a finger. If you have a color theme in mind, talk to your caterer about the spectrum you want to stay within, such as sea blue and spring green or a soft sunset orange and vivid yellow.

Amazing drinks

You can expect a wonderful variety of mixed drinks at your luau courtesy of your caterer and the bartender they bring to the festivities to help out. Let your caterer know whether you will have alcohol at your bash or not, and they can provide you a lovely mix of alcoholic and virgin drinks everyone can enjoy. Luau-themed drinks include:

  • pina colada
  • sex on the beach
  • goombay smash
  • watermelon, coconut water, or pineapple juices

When picking drinks for your luau, you want to keep colors in mind as well. Many drinks feature vivid blue, orange, or pink hues that can match perfectly with your theme while tasting amazing at the same time. You will want to talk to your caterer about having an open bar where your guests can purchase additional drinks on their own, or you could just serve what is pre-paid for.

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13 March 2017

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