Barbecue Restaurants And Your Next Special Event

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Do you have a wedding, graduation, birthday, family reunion, or other special event in the works? If you're in the midst of menu planning, take a look at what you need to know about barbecue restaurants and your eating options.

Should You Plan the Event at the BBQ Restaurant or Choose Catering?

There's no universal answer to this question. To get a better picture of which option (dine-in or catering) is best for you and your event, consider:

  • The number of guests. How many guests do you need to feed? A larger guest count may mean you need to choose a catering option. If you want a dine-in option, ask the restaurant what their capacity is and make sure your party won't exceed it.
  • The size of the restaurant. Even though the eatery may have the capacity to accommodate your full guest list, do you feel comfortable with the space they provide? A smaller or medium-sized party may easily fit into the establishment's dining room.
  • The menu options. Does the restaurant offer a buffet or family-style dine-in option? If you have a larger party, you may need this service. But if your event is intimate, individual meals give your guests options.

If you've already chosen an alternate venue or plan to have the party at home, catering (or take-out, for smaller guest lists) is your best option.

What BBQ Menu Items Should You Choose?

Like the decision whether to eat in, take out, or choose a catering option, menu selection depends on several factors. These include:

  • Your personal preference. Do you enjoy ribs or are you more of a chicken person? If this is your party, and not one you're planning for another organization (such as your employer or your child's school), go ahead and order everything you adore.
  • The guest of honor. Is someone else the guest of honor? If so, ask them what types of barbecue foods they enjoy.
  • The number of guests. Some BBQ options work better for larger parties. If your guest list is sizable, talk to the barbecue restaurant's staff about which menu picks are appropriate.
  • The budget. Discuss your event budget with the restaurant's staff. They can help you to choose the menu items that best fit your financial needs.
  • The venue. Will you eat in the restaurant, at home, or in another venue? Some BBQ items may work better for an outdoor venue, indoor event center, or another setting.

Barbecue restaurants (such as Grumpy's Bar B Que Roadhouse) offer a variety of menu picks to serve a small party or feed a larger-sized event. Before you make a decision to cater, eat-in, take-out, or select specific BBQ items, discuss your options with the restaurant's staff. They'll provide you with expert advice and the recommendations to make your event outstanding.


25 March 2020

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