3 Essential Questions To Ask When Hiring Wedding Caterers

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Are you currently making plans to get married in the next year? Have you been trying to decide what to feed your guests for the reception? For some couples, the reception is a bit of an afterthought now that the main event is over. For other couples, the reception is the main event with the actual wedding part simply being the excuse to have a party. Regardless of your exact views, it is still important to ensure that your guests enjoy the reception and have a good time. To that end, when you are trying to decide who should be making the food, here are some questions you should be asking.

What is included in the price? In general, wedding catering companies will give you a per-plate price so that you can know how much the food is going to cost for the reception. This price may not include the cost of setting up at the venue or the actual serving of the food; this can be a completely separate charge. The reason why is that some venues include serving staff as part of the venue price. It doesn't make sense for you to pay twice for extra unnecessary staff, which is why caterers often charge separately for this.

Can you provide allergy-friendly meals? It's not uncommon for people to be allergic to milk, wheat, corn, or other food products. If your guest list is 100 or more people long, it's almost inevitable that someone will be allergic to something. To that end, it is essential that you find wedding catering services that are able to make allergy-friendly food for at least some of your guests. While they may not be able to cater to more serious allergies, simply making a vegan dish may be enough to at least cater to those who only have a milk allergy.

How much advance notice do you require? Depending on the caterer's popularity and how big your wedding is going to be, some wedding catering services may need to be booked multiple months in advance while others may only require a lead time of a few weeks. When you're trying to decide exactly which company you're going to be using for your wedding, it is extremely important to find out exactly how long you have before you have to book. Failing to book in time will only lead to disappointment and a potential lack of food at your wedding reception.

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26 November 2019

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